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This week at the HATH

Our weekly Friday HATH is in full swing and on schedule.

So come on out this Friday and enjoy a good ole Hang'en at the Hangar get together with a delicious burger, brat or a chicken sandwich made to order. 

All indications point to another enjoyable get evening for all and   remember, HATH events are not only for the membership but to  their friends alike.  So load up the car and come on out, we'll be waiting for you! 


If you are intending to bring a dish to pass... (that's always a nice idea) and you're wondering what to bring.... because you don't want to duplicate what someone else may be preparing....you can check it out using the following procedure:
From Black Menu Box at the top of this page click on "Forum".
  1. Select, "Events"
  2. Choose the topic, "Hang'en at the Hangar"
  3. Type in what you will be bringing this week, the date and click on "post" at the bottom of the page.  You're done. 
  4. Your listing will show up on the: "Recent Forum Updates" where others will be able see and also go and make their listings.... You may also just click on the last person's entry in the "Recent Forum Updates" and type a reply.   
Give this a try and and tell me how it worked for you.  By the way, you are also welcome to share any other comments you may have regarding our HATH events.  

I promise I won't take offense.... my shoulders are broad.

Chapter Links:
This page is viewable by our EAA members and our Chapter 582 followers. Here are some helpful page links to get you started with our new look:


Continuing Education Up-dates!

Welding Class Follow-Up

We received great response and participation to our last "Introduction to OXY Acetylene gas welding class.  As a consequence, there has been interest by others when the class will be offered again.   

If you are one of these people that would like to see this introductory class run a second time, please add a posting to the: OXY Acetylene Gas Welding Class forum.

We have had no further interest in offering this class again.  Until we do, the class will be tabled until Fall.

The Flare Group Project Continues:

Follow the Progress, click on the link:  Flaire Group Project   



 Did You Know?

6) Did you know?

You can subscribe to a "Forum"? 


That's right, the website will notify you every time someone makes a new entry on a forum that you like to follow.  Let's pretend you would like to know every time someone lists a new item on the "Peddler Forum"....or makes a new entry on the "News and Chapter Business" forum.   If you subscribe to a forum you will receive an email each time new information is added.


Instead of getting an email every time something changes on the website.... you can limit your email, but still stay in touch with Chapter happenings by only subscribing to the Forums you choose. 


Oh, you may not want to follow every forum on the 582 Website...  so only subscribe to the ones that interest you.  Let's just say you would like to follow the progress on the Chapter Flaire project.... you may even choose to make a comment about the last entry.  Simply find the "Flaire Forum" on this page, click on it and magically you will be at the "Flaire Forum"   In the upper right hand corner of the page you will see blue text saying, "subscribe", click on the text and you're done.  You are in touch wilth all the latest happenings and commentary as updates get posted.


P.S. Don't be afraid..... You can un-subscribe just as easily!

5) Did you know?

There is a difference between a "Forum" and a "Blog".


A Forum is a place where you can go and write a comment on a topic or give your opinion.  You will find a number of them on our website, all of which are available from the "Forum" tab above.  For the most part a Forum is considered more conversational than a Blog.


The format of a Forum is usually light and general banter about a given topic.  Someone starts the conversation or forum by throwing out a comment about said topic.  Others read the posting and comment back as to their feelings.


A Blog on the other hand, is usually considered more of a "statement" by the author of the Blog.  Depending upon how the blog has been set up, will dictate where the reader will be able to comment, or not, as to what has been posted.   



4) Did you know?

Member Lonnie Prince has already sold a radio off our new "Peddler's Forum".  Simply click on the "Forum" tab above and follow the prompts to create a listing.  You can even include a picture with your listing....  follow the step by step instructions and you're done.  It's easy..

And the best part is.......  it's free for members!  

Not only will chapter members be able to view your listing but anyone doing a search of the web will find it too.  As a matter of fact, Lonnie sold his radio to someone outside the chapter in just this manner.  It’s fun and it's easy.  Check it out!


3) Did you know?

 Every Member now has a Photo Album of their own!  That's right, as many pictures as you want, any time you want.  Create up to 5 folder of your own.  Pictures of your airplane or pictures of the airplane you're building.  Maybe you would like to share photos from your trip to Alaska.... or the Bahamas. The possibilities are endless!

Simply click on the "Member's tab above, click on "Edit my Member profile" and follow the edit prompts to your Member Profile page.  Click on "Member Photo Album" and create!  Upload your photos and share your experience with whom ever you choose!  

2) Did you know?

You can now contact and send an email directly from this website to another member with the click of your mouse!  From the "Members Directory" tab above, click on the name of the member you choose to contact and bingo, you're done! 

1) Did you know?

Effective 01/01/2014 your Chapter memberships now runs for a period of 12 consecutive months from the date you join!  This is another new change in the way we are doing business.  Gone are the days of the "pro-rate" membership and the accounting nightmare that accompanied mid term applications.  New memberships and renewals are now handled seamlessly... and online! 

However, for those of you who still prefer to send a "good ole fashion" check, well... we still accept them too.  Simply click on the membership link above and complete the application.

When you've finished, you'll have the option to send in your payment in via the U.S. Postal Service!  Your online application will be submitted electronically and coupled with your check when it arrives. Your membership will be approved.... assuming your check is good...... and you are back on board!

How bout them apples!

Looking for Something to do?

Upcoming events and classes

Friday, June 12, 2015 6:30 PM • Toledo Executive Airport


Our own Chapter Forums & Discussion :

Hey,  maybe you'd  like to make a comment, or you have a question about a certain topic.   Maybe you would like to start your "own" topic....  from your "own" web page!   How about adding the pictures you took from the last EAA event you attended?    You can even start a new forum about the airplane you are thinking about building.  

Now it can all be done from our new web page, so let's get started here!

You can click on any of the single, blue links below or better yet, from the Page Tabs above (in the black box at the top of this page) click on the "Forums Tab" (careful, that's "Forum" and not "Forms", there are two separate tabs.)   A drop down list will appear.  You can choose any one single forum or you can click on the menu header "Forums" and all the forums will list with the lates comments. 

Recent forum updates

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Friday, July 18, 2014 9:58 AM • Lonnie Prince

Chapter & Aviation Related Blogs:

Recent blog posts

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